Small Business

They say there is no substitute for experience, and I have twenty five years’ with a top-five blue chip company.  I understand business and technology, and how to make sure the latter supports the former.

If you are a start-up businesses I can design your IT setup from the ground up, whether it be a single PC with a broadband connection or multiple networked PCs geared to rapid expansion.

I also design and implement computerised business processes using Spreadsheets, Word processors and Database tools.

Dave with laptop

If technology is the question, Hot Frog is the answer!

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For new Systems I ensure

If you are already established and finding that your computer systems have expanded in a less than strategic way, I offer a status review that will include everything from documenting the existing set-up to networking machines, sharing resources, business continuity, backups and building best practice procedures and policies.


For replacement systems I ensure that

I also conduct security reviews, which cover everything from access, location, operating systems, anti-virus and malware to remote access, storage and data protection.

I offer ongoing support and a call-out service and holiday cover for on-site support staff on a tailored basis to ensure continuity of service for your business.